Launch day is finally here! Both Books 1 and 2 are available at book stores throughout the US and Canada as well as online at Amazon. An empowering new chapter book series for young readers (7-10) that presents the challenges of childhood through the magical world of The Pinkaboos.

The Illustrations are by yours truly and the book design is by Yay! Design. Special shout out to Laura Gosselin and Jake Gosselin, the amazing Pinkabooooos authors, and to Liz Stahler and Gerry Rennert, who made the whole thing happen. Additional shout out to the nice folks at Andrews McMeel. 


We're bursting with pride,  here at YAY! Design, with the news that Billy is among the nominees for the 58th Grammy Awards.

Billy Kelly and Molly Ledford get the nod for “Trees” in the Best Children’s Album category. “Trees” is a family friendly album, Ledford and Kelly’s first together. It’s made of 14 tracks inspired by forest plant life and was released by YAY! Music on March 20 — the first day of spring.

Stefan Shepherd of NPR’s “All Things Considered,” is among the critics who gave “Trees” a warm welcome: “You’re unlikely to hear a more joyful celebration of the natural world, and our relation to it, this year.”

Billy's first children’s album debuted in 2009. He recorded with Davy Jones of the Monkees and produced a series of nationally distributed music videos for American Public Television. Molly fronts the renowned children’s band Lunch Money. More info about the duo at

Note that the CD design and all promotional materials are created by YAY! Design. 


Our new web site is up and ready for you to look at it and click on stuff. Really, click on anything you want. Jackie gets the credit for thinking of, taking on and completing the remake of and I think it looks smashing. The new version of our site delivers all the quality content you knew and loved from the old site, but in a smart new layout with that wonderful "new web site" smell. This is to say nothing of our snazzy new logo, which Jackie also created. New web site or old, YAY Design remains committed to seriously enthusiastic graphic design & illustration for all of our clients. Feel free to confabulate with us if you are ever in need of our services.



Well, when you've been in business as long as we have (it's all relative, but 10 years seems pretty long to me), a company's identity can start to look a bit dated. After all, styles change, including typestyles. So Billy and I came to the conclusion that our logo needed a type-lift. The new design wasn't a spontaneous decision, as I've been tossing around ideas off-and-on for close to a year now (and after all, a "lift" of any kind should be properly contemplated). The end result is this beauty, which looks at least 10 years younger than our old logo. Next up: our new web site!

I will always have a soft-spot in my heart for our old logo, which will always be known to us as Famous Original Yay's logo.